When it comes to Simplified Album ordering, XYZ Albums is the best. I just need to add the files and order information and the order is placed immediately. I personally like Uploader software. It helps me upload all my orders together.

Ajit Kumar


Having a Website, it was easier for me to find the Lab and reach the office through Google Maps. This lab has excellent album printing service. But I must mention, that the order uploading is also super fast.

Mohit Sharma


I am a Wedding Album Designer. I came across the Album Designer software by XYZ Albums Lab. It is an awesome software that lets me design the album in very little time. I can complete album designing in like 2 or 3 hours and can send the order for printing right from the Designer software. I am really happy with the 24 hours ordering mode. I can place an order as per my time and be occupied with my other tasks throughout the day.

Natasha Malhotra

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